The Board Members of Savannah Working Against Human Trafficking are as follows: 

Jose Gonzales - President

Karen Law - Vice President

Amy Waddell - Secretary

Shaila Gakhar - Treasurer

The Board of Directors and the membership of SWAHT are firmly united and committed to Racial Equality and to standing shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters of all races.  We pledge to listen, self-reflect, and be a bridge to a unified Savannah.  Any thoughts and/or media posts by any member (present or former) of Savannah Working Against Human Trafficking contrary to this pledge DO NOT reflect the vision or mission of our organization.  SWAHT, its board, and members stand united against racism and injustices of every kind.  We believe all are seen as worthy and valuable, and we are excited to be apart of the conversation of unity! 

In Solidarity, Jose Gonzales, Karen Law, Amy Waddell, and Shaila Gakhar.


Savannah Working Against Human Trafficking (SWAHT) is the oldest 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization concentrated on anti-human trafficking efforts in the coastal Georgia region. SWAHT has simultaneously placed attention on raising awareness as well as on educating professionals and the general public about human trafficking.

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